Day 3 – Lessons in sincerity

Sometimes it’s difficult to hear and accept a person’s point of view, especially when that view is prejudicial and unfairly directed at a certain community of people.  But at the same time I’d rather someone spoke their mind.  Australians can be a reserved bunch, and I’ve found it often takes longer to connect on a meaningful level with people here than when I’m overseas.  So in many ways it’s refreshing to have someone speak their mind.

Day 1 – Looking for Integrity on the Sunshine Coast

On the first day, there is always a bit of an uncomfortable, unreal sensation that goes with stepping out into the public realm with an invitation to interact with a project.  It is a process that involves a clear prerogative, and usually a script. It also involves care and openness from the artist when meeting new individuals within a community.

What does producing creative work at home do to the domestic space?

Two years ago I spent a week in this White Space and the surrounding countryside battling through a rigorous process of art making. It was challenging and ultimately taught me a lot about how I work. Reading over my blog posts from that week I realised that connecting to places and people has been central to my work for years.