In 2022, Punctum embarked on a new three-year partnership with Chamber Made (Melbourne) and SAtheCollective (Singapore) to deliver Hi-Viz Satellites.

Across a three-year arc, Hi-Viz Satellites connects artists across cultures, geographies and artforms, cultivates conditions of exchange, collaboration and relationships that grow and extend practice, placing a particular focus on women, non-binary and gender-diverse artists at the intersections of performance, sound and music. 

Hi-Viz Satellites is an evolution of Chamber Made’s Hi-Viz Practice Exchange program: an opportunity for women, non-binary and gender-diverse artists working across the fields of performance, sound and music to come together, meet, exchange ideas, and form new networks.

Hi-Viz Satellites began with Modes of Making a 2-day hybrid program with in-person events in Bendigo and Singapore and an online component, taking place on Friday 18 November and Saturday 19 November 2022.

Over a three-year trajectory Hi-Viz Satellites will expand to include other modes of collaboration and making. Hi-Viz Satellites will include in-person gatherings, online labs and intensives in Australia and Singapore between 2022 and 2024.

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