PROTOtype is a booster to bolster your arts practice.


Across a weekend, PROTOtype offers artists and creative teams a studio setting and resources to shape ideas, test projects, and discuss and share questions about arts practice. 

PROTOtype is an intensive studio program for your ideas and experiments – a safe place to take artistic risks with guidance from experienced artists and peers, access to resources, and a focus on cross-art forms, installations, site works, and live performance.

  • Do you have a creative idea you’d like to test?
    Come to PROTOtype
  • Do you have written songs but would like to work with a writer or an actor for some vocal parkour?
    Come to PROTOtype
  • Do you have an idea for a performance in an unusual public place and want to make a start?
    Come to PROTOtype
  • Have you been experimenting at home with (insert your artform) and want inspiration for next steps? Come to PROTOtype

FOR: For artists of all levels of experience, and all disciplines who create live performances in a mix of places and spaces and have an idea or project in progress.

Friday 28th June 5.30pm – 8.30pm
Saturday 29th June 12pm– 6pm
Sunday 30th June 12pm – 6pm

WHERE: Phee Broadway Theatre

Renowned artists and producers with Punctum will be there to support your ideas, your practice, your needs, and your PROTOtype projects.  Together you’ll test an idea which will then be observed, celebrated, dissected, loved, cherished by the whole group during feedback sessions and one-on-one discussions.


With the generous support of Mount Alexander Shire Council and funding through the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

artists and partners.

Artists and partners involved in this program.