Hi-Viz Satellites: Modes of Making

In partnership with Chamber Made and SAtheCollective

How do modes of making cultivate the emergence of new practice terrains? Two days of practice exchange and workshops led by artists who use modes of making to extend practice, make new work and create new ways of making.

About Hi-Viz Satellites

Hi-Viz Satellites is an evolution of Chamber Made’s Hi-Viz Practice Exchange program: an opportunity for women, non-binary and gender-diverse artists working across the fields of performance, sound and music to come together, meet, exchange ideas, and form new networks.

In 2022 we met for a day of presentations, conversations, practice sharing and a day of workshopping, with an Australian cohort at The Engine Room in Bendigo, connecting with a Singaporean cohort online.

Friday 18 November GATHERING DAY

The two locations were connected digitally, with live streamed sections between Australia and Singapore, and capacity for online attendance.

Saturday 19 November WORKSHOP DAY

In-person workshops in Bendigo and Singapore with moments of connection between the two locations.

Australian workshops by: Zoë Barry, Amaara Raheem and Tina Stefanou

Singapore workshops by: Belinda FooJean Reiki and Likie Low.

Explore other experiments shared in our spaces and those created through Punctum’s residencies, partnerships and programs.
John Kachoyan
Sandra Minchin-Delohery
In partnership with Australian Art Orchestra