In stepping into each niche, we enter a remembered space of species. Each niche invites an encounter with involuntary art created by fauna.

Niche is a primal experience.


Niche #1 offers a social sanctuary. From within it we find ourselves amid an exhibition of locally created structures. It shifts the language of habitat so that we live its mystery and vitality as contemporary art.

Niche #2 tenders a place of refuge and intimacy. It is a hideaway island in a field of subterranean havens. It shifts the art of habitat so that we live its repose and calm as intimate refinement.

Both propose an experience of ‘Umwelt’.


Concept, direction, niche construction: Jude Anderson
Catalogue Photos: Gilles Lapalus
Niche construction: Nici Wright

Film by Samuel James


With heartfelt thanks to Ralph Dixon for sharing his knowledge of local flora and fauna and expertise, John Baylis, Julie Ryan, Bundanon Artist Residency and Siteworks Production team.

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