FRAME: A biennial of dance is a new festival to be held in Victoria throughout March 2023. As a FRAME partner, Punctum is hosting a residency for a regional artist during the festival.

FRAME is co-led and co-curated by a collection of independent artists and arts organisations. A festival for connection and celebration, it has been outlined and defined by three years of consultation and co-design.

As a FRAME partner, in 2022 Punctum made an offer to regional dance and movement based artists to put forward their proposals for a project to be developed through a Punctum hosted residency at the Engine Room Dance Studio in Bendigo during the festival.

A curatorium of independent dance artists and producers prioritised projects for the festival program partners.

Forest V Kapo was selected as Punctum’s FRAME Residency partner for 2023.

More information and to read the blog article on The Mothering Project residency: In Conversation with Forest V Kapo here

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