Hi-Viz Satellites connects artists across cultures, geographies and artforms, cultivates conditions of exchange, collaboration and relationships that grow and extend practice.

Hi-Viz Satellites 2023

Hi-Viz Satellites is a three-year partnership between Chamber Made, Punctum (Central Victoria) and SA theCollective (Singapore).

Hi-Viz Satellites is an international program probing new spaces, practices and modes of making in contemporary performance. The program’s 2023 focus is on cross-cultural and cross-artform exchange and collaboration between artists from Australia, Singapore and beyond. It will take the form of three hosted and facilitated virtual LABs, an in-person LAB over four days and peer Gathering day in Melbourne.

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Hi-Viz Satellites 2023 LABS

In 2023 the focus of Hi-Viz Satellites is our international LAB program, a cross-cultural and cross-artform exchange and collaboration between Australian, Singapore and Taiwan artists.

After an EOI process we have a group of 14 participating artists from Australia, Singapore and Taiwan. These artists will participate in three online workshops and a full week event in Australia.

The artists and facilitators participating in our Hi-Viz Satellites 2023 LABs:

Madeleine Flynn
Han Xuemei

Wei Shan Chew
Lynette Quek
Jialing Neo
Hsueh Yung-chih
Kueiju Lin
Aviva Endean
Sarah Walker
Vahideh Eisaei
Roslyn Oades
Sarah Aiken
Kirri Büchler
Josephine Mead
Noora Niasari
Kate Sulan

Hi-Viz Satellites 2023 Gathering

Friday 8 December

Modes of Making With… SA theCollective, Chamber Made, Punctum 

Lead workshop artists… Aviva Endean,  Samara Hersch, Gelareh Pour, Jen Rae, Alex Walker

About each workshop

Our writers-in-residence for Hi-Viz 2023 are Rea Dennis and Klare Lanson.

Our 2023 Hi-Viz Satellites Gathering connects artists across cultures, geographies and artforms, offering peer exchange, collaboration, and new relationships that grow and extend arts practice.

If your mode of making is with intersections of performances, sound and music; if you’re looking to invigorate your practice, meet others, share ideas, and test fields of possibility with peers, join us.

The 2023 Hi-Viz Satellites Gathering covers all bases in one exhilarating day of workshops, activities, conversations, and practice sharing led by extraordinary artists.

We recommend booking soon as places are limited and will fill quickly.

Hi-Viz Satellites is an event for women, gender-diverse and non-binary artists.


10.00 a.m.     Welcome
10.30 a.m.     Ice-breaker
11.00 a.m.     Workshop introductions
11.15 a.m.     Sign up to workshops and MORNING BREAK
11.30 a.m.     Workshops (4 workshops running simultaneously). More information will be released soon. These will be artist-led and interactive, focused on different ‘modes of making with’
1.00 p.m.      LUNCH
2.00  p.m.      Collective Voice session
2.30 p.m.       Hive-mind Group Workshop – interactive round table group sessions**
4.00 p.m.       AFTERNOON BREAK
4.30 p.m.       Reflection / Rest /Writing
4.50 p.m.       Resolution and wrap up
5.00pm          Finish

** For the Hive-mind Group Workshop, please bring along a notebook, pen and something from your own practice you’d like to discuss in break-out groups. It could be a sticking point, a question, a concept, or anything from your own creative practice you’d like to share with others in a session of problem solving, information gathering, or imaginative dreaming.

Hi-Viz Satellites Partners:

Hi-Viz Satellites is a partnership between Chamber Made, Punctum Inc and SA theCollective. Hi-Viz Satellites 2023 – 2025 is supported by the Office for the Arts and Australia Council for the Arts and our 2023 Gathering will be hosted by the University of Melbourne.

                              The University of Melbourne – Universities Australia


artists and partners.

Artists and partners involved in this program.