The SUNDAY SONIX SERIES is a regular gathering and showcase of artists working in improvisation and experimental sound and music, from our region and beyond.

SUNDAY SONIX is an opportunity for artists to expand their practice and for audiences to step into the adventure with them. It often features artists, practices and works developed and supported through Punctum’s Expanding Fields of Practice program.

Throughout 2023 we have eight SUNDAY SONIX sessions for


Jan 29: featuring Georgia Knight \ Thomy + Bones Sloane \ Jem Moloney + Lara Soulio

April 30: featuring Expanding Fields of Practice mentors, Gelareh Pour \ Justin Marshall \ Aryo Hall \ Aviva Endean, alongside their mentees.

June 4: featuring Zoë Barry, Aryo Hall, Adrian Sherriff, and No Man’s Land

July 16: featuring Aviva Endean & Nick Ashwood, Justin Marshall, Kirri Buchler, Sally Beattie, Aryo Hall.

October 8: featuring Gelareh Pour, Myles Mumford, Carolyn Connors, Aimee Chapman

November 5: featuring Aviva Endean, Uncle Ron Murray, Jessica Azsodi, Matthew Horsley.

The SUNDAY SONIX SERIES was made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia.

artists and partners.

Artists and partners involved in this program.