Join us at Punctum ICU for the first event in our SUNDAY SONIX SERIES for 2023, featuring the following artists: Georgia Knight, Thomy + Bones Sloane, and Jem Moloney + Lara Soulio.

The SUNDAY SONIX SERIES is a regular gathering and showcase of artists working in improvisation and experimental sound and music, from our region and beyond. It is an opportunity for artists to expand their practice and for audiences to step into the adventure with them. It often features artists, practice and works developed and supported through Punctum’s Expanding Fields of Practice program.

On the afternoon of January 29 we welcome the following artists to the Punctum ICU for SUNDAY SONIX:

Georgia Knight
Thomy + Bones Sloane
Jem Moloney + Lara Soulio


Georgia Knight writes rounded, thoughtful, emotional and layered songs and within that realm, often delves into unfamiliar territory with different instrumentation and arrangements.

In this performance Georgia will experiment with the skills from such songwriting, expanding from the point of a firm base into further depths.


Thomy and Bones are two brothers who both have been collaborating with all kinds of different artists over the years. They both play together in Melbourne’s noisy dirge band Batpiss who are renowned for unsettling disturbances in sonic realms.

For this performance, they will create a minimalistic soundscape where silence between instrumental pursuits are welcomed by the brothers, leaving the listeners feel rather awkward and anxious.

This will be their first live performance together as a two piece.


In some ways our practice has been more about the silence in between things than the actual sounds. It’s more about listening than it is about sound making.

Lara makes experimental music that never relies on gimmicks or an array of effects. Melody and evocation of emotion is always present. Jem is a drummer who knows how to use a drum kit effectively and handles instruments that are not drums with the same precision and feeling.

Together, Jem and Lara are able to expand their practice as a musicians and find new sounds.

Residency Partners

This project is proudly supported by Regional Arts Victoria.
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John Kachoyan
Sandra Minchin-Delohery
In partnership with Australian Art Orchestra