Climate of Cruelty

Jason Sweeney & Em König

The farming of animals for food is accepted as among the largest contributors to climate change; conversely, choosing to not consume animals is one of the more significant choices an individual can make to reduce their carbon footprint. And yet many of us continue to consume animals, contributing to enormous cruelty alongside global warming, in the face of evidence.

In the absence of known eulogies and memorials for individual animals slaughtered In environmentally impacting commercial industries in Australia and globally, Climate of Cruelty will face the evidence by commemorating the lives of animal species killed worldwide for food. The work will develop as an experimental sound artwork, song‐cycle and live performance. Climate of Cruelty will honour the animals who have suffered for our desires. It is a cry for animals, for nature, for change. It is a break in the silence of a world in crisis. 

The Artists: 

Jason Sweeney’s interdisciplinary practice in the last 17 years has been in the emerging, risk‐taking and constantly developing fields of digital art and technology, music, sound installation, performance art, interactive community art projects, online art, curation, experimental film and screen culture. Since 2003 he has collaborated with some of Australia’s leading performing arts companies and organisations as well as directing and creating a number of his own interactive works for the internet and participatory community engagement projects for galleries and theatre spaces. As a composer of electronic music, he has also been releasing music internationally with two bands, Panoptique Electrical and Pretty Boy Crossover, via the record label, Sensory Projects. Music from the releases has been used since in short and feature films, as well numerous theatre and dance productions around the world. Over the last few years Jason has made experimental feature film, The Dead Speak Back, and a trilogy of works focused on quietness, including major projects Stereopublic: Crowdsourcing the Quiet which won a TED City 2.0 Prize and the ongoing research odyssey, Quiet Ecology. 

Em König is a queer poet/ fiction writer, lyricist and creative writing honours student at the University of Adelaide. They have had fiction, non‐fiction and poetry published in Uneven Floor, Pure Slush, On Dit and Flazeda. Their recent writing projects include How to Throw Mud in 2015, a spoken word event hosted by Feast Festival, and Queering the Museum in 2016 which asked queer artists to reimagine the histories of museum objects by allowing audiences to view them through a queer lens. In their work they write about nature, cruelty and housewives (either desperate, real or otherwise). Em is also one half of genderflux music duo Winter Witches. Winter Witches write, play and perform original music as well as having played DJ sets at the Adelaide Vegan Festival 2016, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2016, Format Systems Inc. and Adhocracy 2015 & 16. 

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