Hear Here

Daniele Constance & Dan Koop

Hear Here is a pop-up radio station that reveals new perspectives of place to the listener, thematically inspired by the water, land and stories of the site on which it is created.

Through our Weird Sanctuary/Seedpod residency program, we gave Daniele and Dan the opportunity to connect their work with our local environment and people.

Daniele and Dan had conversations with all kinds of people who visit the Res, (our local aquatic ‘commons’), from traditional custodians to swimmers and walkers, bird watchers to paddlers, and land care volunteers to sunbathers, young and old. They recorded and edited a collection of sounds and conversations and using solar radios, invited us to an ‘attunement’ that focused on the Res’ and its many resonances.

Hear Here appeared as a part of the 2021 Castlemaine State Festival as a guided tour with a radio and map provided. It tuned into stories from local legends and passionate people, who shared their knowledge and expertise of this ecology from upstream and downstream.

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