The Pathology Of Boredom

Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden, Oliver Mann and Erkki Veltheim

Our first Seedpod residency is a collaboration between renowned exploratory music artists and the Inland Concert Series - Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden, Oliver Mann, and Erkki Veltheim.

Their collective work titled “The Pathology of Boredom”, is named after a 1957 paper by experimental psychologist Woodburn Heron whose paper proposed that complex multi-sensory hallucinations stem from a lack of stimulus. The artists, fascinated by this concept, will examine reflexes of the mind in these psychological states. Particular to this is the common experience of a perceived ‘threat’. They will also draw parallels between this research and Schubert’s setting of a Goethe’s Erlkönig story about compulsions associated with our primal fear of the dark.

While boredom can border on the uncomfortable, it is said to breed brilliance, and according to Heron – visions and sensations, and this is precisely what the shifting perspectives of this new work propose.

‘Pathology of Boredom’ and Inland Series co-ordinating artist, Alex Garsden said:
“the Seedpod residency offers a rare opportunity to experience and gain insight into the psychophysical processes of sensory deprivation and what these can produce through a performance work. We’re looking to develop a musical framework in which to explore Heron and Schubert’s concepts and offer audiences a performance that will activate psychological phenomena, rather than merely representing them. We’ll draw from subliminal perception and hallucination to stimulate creative power. The Seedpod residency also offers the four of us the right context for our first collaboration. We all know and value one another’s musicianship, but until now we’ve not had the context to create a new work together.”

All artists are from Melbourne, coming from a mix of different art music backgrounds. The work is entirely new and will be developed in workshops in Melbourne ahead of their Seedpod residency with Punctum. After the residency period, it will be presented within Australia, in co-presentation with Inland Concert Series.

Refreshments and a conversation with the artists will follow the performance.

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