Migratory Complex

Punctum was selected as the Australian organisation representing experimental and participatory art form practice as part of MONS 2015 – European Capital of Culture program. Punctum’s Migratory Complex was a three year cultural exchange and presentation initiative between artists associated with Punctum in Australia and artists associated with La Maison Folie in Belgium.

Migratory Complex culminated in ten days ‘en folie’ where art events, installations, performances, gatherings and experiments activated La Maison Folie as part of MONS 2015 celebrations. Migratory Complex celebrated the cultural diversity informing contemporary art making in Australia and marked the course for rich, reciprocal collaborations between the two organisations. Punctum’s Migratory Complex was directed and curated with the view to increasing the potential for artistic endeavour, discovery, creation and long term exchange between Australian and Belgium artists and audiences.

Unpredictable environments, unexpected structures, nomadic geographies, holding rooms, gathering points, repositories, refuges and accommodations, 12 artists, 4 cultural exchanges, a complex of emerging art forms and a breadth of works will inhabit La Maison Folie in unanticipated ways for  MONS 2015.  Jude Anderson

Concept, Artistic Direction, co-curator: Jude Anderson
Associated Curator: Deborah Ratliff
Artists (Australia) Jude Anderson, Bindi Cole, Nadia Cusimano, Paul Gazzola, Lyndal Jones, Sabina Maselli, Phuong Ngo, Katie Sfetkidis, Hiromi Tango, Erkki Veltheim
Creative Producer: Joe Pickett
Artists (Belgium) Paola Bartoletti, Aubéline Barbieux, Romain Meun, Damien Petitot, Gaetan Rusquet, Fleur Sizaire, a body of dancers, a group of musicians, and graduating artists from the Mons University/School of Arts

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