The Mothering Project

Forest V Kapo and collaborators

In residence as part of FRAME - a biennial of dance, through The Mothering Project, Forest V Kapo reviews the identities and tasks of parents, caregivers, and mothers.

How do you celebrate and recognize what cares for you and or takes care of you, and what do you care for in return?

This enquiry moves the word mother beyond the gendered notion and role of mother. From a noun to a verb while separating it from the biological act of giving birth to the active engagement of mothering. It’s not a replacement it’s a response – gathering the identities and tasks of parent caregiver mother into a collective.

Created by Forest V Kapo with collaborators Alison Shirley and Phoebe Robinson.

The Mothering Project is supported by our residency partners Bendigo Venues & Events and Latrobe Art Institute, and is part of FRAME – a biennial of dance.

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