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Punctum residency programs are responsive to the needs of artists. While some residency programs are ongoing, others are reflective of a particular time and place. 

Program Presentation Archive.

Over the past 18 years, Punctum has supported many artists and works through our program of residencies and commissions.
John Kachoyan
Sandra Minchin-Delohery
In partnership with Australian Art Orchestra
In partnership with Bendigo Venues and Events
Aviva Endean, Uncle Ron Murray, Matthew Horsley and Jessica Aszodi
Gelareh Pour, Myles Mumford, Carolyn Connors, Aimee Chapman
Aviva Endean & Nick Ashwood, Justin Marshall, Kirri Büchler, Sally Beattie, Aryo Hall.
Dirty Mouth Collective
Zoë Barry, Aryo Hall, Adrian Sherriff, and No Man’s Land.
Megan J Riedl x Ellen Young
Alvin Darcy
Forest V Kapo and collaborators
In partnership with Australian Art Orchestra
In partnership with Chamber Made and SAtheCollective
Daniele Constance & Dan Koop
Affective Labourers’ Union
Blood works: thinking through our identity
From privileged mansplaining to woke self-improvement
Dr Megan Beckwith
Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden, Oliver Mann and Erkki Veltheim
Renae Shadler
Jason Sweeney & Em König
Klara Kelvy
By Triage Live Art Collective with Clair Korobacz
Mick Klepner Roe and Romy Seven Fox